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Kailee Noland the movement mama

Dr. Kailee Noland PT, DPT

is a Pediatric Physical Therapist and founder of The Movement Mama community. 

Holly Peretz playful pod membership community

Holly Peretz OTR/L

is a Pediatric Occupational Therapist and the founder of the Playful Pod Membership Community

My name is KC and the founder of Milestones and Motherhood! I'm a pediatric physical therapist specializing in the evaluation and treatment of babies 0-3 years with a wide variety of diagnosis and abilities. More importantly, I am a wife, and a momma to three beautiful little children.

KC Rickerd

Milestones and Motherhood

Megan Leigh Acosta is a professional photographer, certified art teacher, DIYer, and mama. She is passionate about helping families slow down and connect through intentional photography services and art education practices.

Megan Leigh Acosta

Professional Photographer

My name is Jess and I'm the creator behind Where Is Briggs. I teach parents, especially new parents, how to travel with their babies and toddlers!


Where is Briggs

Dr. Dianna Dixon, DPA, CLC, CBS is the founder of Pump with Purpose, LLC. Dianna is a Doctor of Public Administration, Certified Lactation Counselor, and Certified Breastfeeding Specialist. She has been exclusively pumping on her second journey and has been tandem pumping for over 2.5 years and still going. To date, she has over 60 breast pumps and milk collectors as well as over 200 pumping products in her inventory available for discussion or demonstration with clients as she is committed to helping you reach your pumping goals.

Dr. Dianna Dixon

Pump with Purpose

Dominika Knossalla is a Certified Dog Trainer and the founder of Dog Meets Baby. She lives in beautiful San Francisco, USA, with her 6-year-old twins and a yellow Labrador Retriever named Lola. Dominika wants parents to have an action plan when they bring their baby home and know what to do when their baby becomes mobile to keep everyone safe.

Dominika Knossalla

Dog Meets Baby

Alyssa Blask Campbell has an M.Ed. in Early Childhood, is a leading expert in emotional development speaking to people around the world, podcast host for Voices of Your Village in over 100 countries, and CEO of Seed & Sew LLC. Alyssa was featured as an emotional development expert in publications such as The Washington Post, Kids VT, and Family Education.

Alyssa Blask Campbell

Seed & Sew

Wondering what your baby needs from you? Want them to communicate to you without crying? Join Mary Smith, ASL interpreter and mom, to learn how to use Sign Language to ease stress in your home and help your baby tell you what they need before they start to talk.

Mary Smith

Sign ‘n Grow

Rachael is a Sleep Specialist focusing on baby and toddler sleep to get the whole family more rest without sleep training. Rachael's approach is holistic and science-backed, and she aims to give new parents the confidence and calm to stress less and enjoy their babies more!

Rachael Shepard- Ohta

Hey Sleepy Baby

Dr. Cassidy Freitas is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and mom to three. She has a California based virtual private practice where she offers therapy to parents navigating fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, and the early years of parenting. She hosts the top-rated wellness and podcast Holding Space and shares supportive resources on Instagram @drcassidy.

Dr. Cassidy Freitas

Marriage and Family Therapist

Sarah Szuminski is a wife, mom of two, and is an advocate of play for all children. She has a Masters degree in Early Childhood Special Education and has worked with young children and their families since high school. She is passionate about the power of play and helping parents discover their role in playful learning.

Sarah Szuminski

simplifying play

Morgan Jackson is a Registered Nurse and international Board Certified Lactation Consultant and owner of Prepared Beginnings Lactation which is a holistic lactation practice supporting moms who feel stuck, hopeless, or frustrated with their infant feeding journey. Morgan lives in Kansas City with her family where she loves

Morgan Jackson

Prepared Beginnings Lactation

Jessica Irwin is a childhood routine expert, pediatric occupational therapist, mom of a toddler, and lover of all things child development. She founded Rooted in Routine to help parents learn simple, easy-to-implement routines at every age in order to feel less overwhelmed in the parenting journey.

Jessica Irwin

Rooted in Routine

Dr. Giselle M Tadros, founder of In-Home Pediatric PT of NJ and Milk Matters PT has been helping babies and families in her community for over 22 years. She completed her Bachelor of Science in PT in 2000, from Queen's University in Canada and her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Rutgers University in 2009. Dr. Tadros is committed to providing her patients a voice, and is a strong advocate for parents and caregivers, with a passion for educating and empowering parents to help their children through movement and active play!

Dr. Giselle Tadros

Milk Matters PT

Jennifer has been a pediatric Occupational Therapist for over 20 years and really, just loves babies. She thrives on making a small but significant difference in families’ lives and seeing the improvements in head shapes STILL makes her giddy. She loves to teach other professionals and is ready to build her army of therapists worldwide to change the way plagiocephaly is treated.

Jennifer Barnard

Baby Begin

Wee Talkers teaches parents how to support language development at home, from day one. We’re all about quick and easy tips & simple strategies that fit into everyday moments and routines. The founders, Carly & Katie, are speech-language pathologists with 25+ years of combined experience and moms of six.

Carly & Katie

Wee Talkers

Melanie Potock is a certified speech language pathologist with a unique specialty called "pediatric feeding." She is an award-winning author of 6 books on the topic, an international speaker and expert in this field. Her advice has been featured in The New York Times, Parenting Magazine, and other major media outlets.

Melanie Potock

My Munch Bug

Kira is a pediatric occupational therapist and mom to a three-year-old from Los Angeles, California. She specializes in teaching self-regulation using a sensory lens. Kira aims to provide real-life parenting advice for imperfect parents who are learning as we gro

Kira Bender

Here We Grow Kids

Meaghan Langston (aka The Meaning Mentor) is a success coach and productivity expert helping women set and achieve meaningful goals at work and at home. Meaghan combines practical time management tools with thought provoking questions to help clients maximize their personal and professional potential. She offers 1:1 coaching, productivity training and online courses that help women align their life and work with their values and pursue their dreams with more intentionality.

Meaghan Langston

 The Meaning Mentor

With a combined 19 years of professional experience as a certified sleep consultant and occupational therapist + 5 children between them, Kelley and Bailey are ready to help you tackle your sleep goals! Using a variety of evidence-based and real life strategies with development at the center of our sleep philosophy, we customize every sleep plan to get your family sleeping peacefully again.

Kelley Thompson

Serenity Sleepers

Dr. Morgan Cutlip has a PhD in Psychology, is a wife, mom, and life long lover of all things relationships. Dr. Morgan's work centers on creative content development for My Love Thinks and delivering educational content for your relationships in a way that is not just professional but is also practical. Dr. Cutlip has been a featured relationship expert for Teen Vogue, the New York Times, Flo Tracker app (the #1 app in health and fitness) and is the upcoming author to two books with Thomas Nelson, How to Love your Kids Without Losing Yourself and The Mother Load.

Dr. Morgan Cutlip

My Love Thinks

Eleanor has worked in the childcare field for over ten years, both as a nanny and as a daycare teacher. She now runs her own in-home daycare while also caring for her baby boy. She is very passionate about child development, Montessori education, and learning through play!


This Happy Nanny 

Lizzie is a pelvic floor and orthopedic physical therapist who sees each client as a holistic being (mind, body, and soul). She believes movement truly is medicine and there is no ONE right way to do things!

Dr. Lizzie Kieffer

Doc Lizzie DPT

Shanna Hutcheson is a Registered Dietitian, podcaster, blogger and mama located in the Kansas City Area. She is passionate about making healthy eating simple, flavorful, fun and affordable, and helping women develop a healthy relationship with food and their bodies.

Shanna Hutcheson

Wellness For The Win

Holly Choi is a leader in childhood injury prevention education in North America. Holly is a nationally-certified first aid instructor, and a nationally certified Child Passenger Safety Technician-Instructor. Holly is a member of both the International Association for Child Safety (IAFCS) and Prevent Child Injury, and has completed additional child-focused safety training in child passenger safety and childhood burn prevention. Her extensive experience and knowledge in baby and toddler safety (first aid, car seat safety, childproofing, and injury prevention), in addition to being a mom of 2, gives her a well-rounded and unique perspective.

Holly Choi

Safe Beginnings

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